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LASIK Surgery in Clifton, NJ

Lasik Surgery in Clifton, NJ

Dealing with glasses or contacts every single day is an ordeal. There's the issue of keeping them clean, consistently buying new prescriptions and feeling “blind” without these aid devices. For these and many other reasons, many people seek out LASIK surgery. Also known as laser eye surgery or laser vision surgery, LASIK provides a permanent vision correction solution.

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What is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is short for laser in-situ keratomileusis. LASIK is a corrective vision surgery used to permanently improve eye function and reduce the need for glasses and contacts. LASIK is primarily used to treat:

Most people who receive LASIK surgery dramatically reduce their dependence on glasses and contacts, with many no longer needing visual aids whatsoever. LASIK is a surgery that utilizes laser technology to provide results with minimal risk or pain.

Some of the benefits of LASIK include:

  • Speed: Most who receive LASIK surgery have noticeable vision improvement almost immediately.
  • Adaptability: LASIK can be enhanced after the initial surgery in order to fine-tune the eyes, providing the best possible results.
  • Low pain: LASIK involves no stitches, and a very short downtime period. Numbing eye-drops are typically provided for the days immediately following surgery.

How does LASIK Surgery work?

LASIK laser eye surgery is typically provided by an ophthalmologist, laser specialist or ocular surgeon. Any LASIK surgery plan begins with an initial evaluation of the eyes. This is done to determine if the patient is a match for LASIK procedure, as well as to answer any possible questions. In the days before surgery, most patients are told to avoid wearing hard contacts.

During the actual LASIK surgery:

  • Your surgeon will create a flap, which is a thin layer of corneal tissue.
  • The newly-created flap is peeled back.
  • Using a laser, the cornea is reshaped. The exact reshaping will vary depending on which condition is being treated, and the individual needs of the patient.
  • The flap is closed and surgery is complete.

The entire LASIK procedure typically takes just 10 minutes on average and is performed under local anesthesia.

LASIK Surgery Recovery

One of the major advantages of LASIK corrective eye surgery is the relatively short recovery period. Most recovery occurs in the first 24 hours after the initial procedure. During this period of LASIK recovery, it's normal to expect some blurriness, dryness and red eyes.

After that period, however, most people report having noticeably improved vision and no serious side-effects. About three days after surgery, most providers will offer a follow-up eye evaluation to ensure the surgery has worked correctly. Similar follow-up appointments are typically recommended throughout the first 6 months after surgery.

In some cases, additional LASIK surgery will need to be performed in order to maximize results.

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LASIK eye surgery has been used to help many people overcome chronic sight problems. Request more information about LASIK laser eye surgery today: call (973) 777-3711 or contact Prevention Clinics online.

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