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Refractive Eye Surgery in Des Plaines, IL

Refractive Eye Surgery in Des Plaines, IL

Many people who wear contacts or glasses seek to improve their vision permanently. Thankfully, there are many different refractive eye surgery options available today. These surgeries adjust the cornea of the eye to better refract light and improve overall vision. The most popular form of refractive eye surgery is LASIK, but that is just one of the many treatments available.

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What is Refractive Eye Surgery?

Refractive eye surgery refers to a collection of procedures designed to correct vision problems. These procedures all have one thing in common: they focus on the refraction of light as it happens in the eye. In essence, the eyes focus by refracting incoming light. When this process isn't happening correctly, it leads to various vision problems.

Refractive eye surgery is often used to treat:

These procedures are typically provided by an ophthalmologist, eye surgeon, or laser specialist. Refractive eye surgery isn't for everyone, but many people have seen improved vision. Refractive eye surgery is generally considered to be a minor, safe and effective procedure.

Refractive eye surgery is ideal for those who:

  • Want to overcome an eye disease
  • Wish to decrease reliance on glasses or contacts
  • Have eye-health issues stemming from refractive errors

Types of Refractive Eye Surgery

Refractive eye surgeries are broken down in to three major categories: flap procedures, surface procedures and corneal incision procedures.

  • Flap procedures involve the creation of a very thin, laser-created flap in the eye. After this flap has been created, the appropriate laser is used to adjust the cornea and improve refraction. Examples of flap procedures include Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK), Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty (ALK), and ReLex.
  • During surface procedures, no flap is created. Instead, lasers directly target the exposed portions of the cornea and eye. Surface procedures directly ablate the cornea with more powerful lasers. Examples of surface procedures include Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelium Keratomileusis (LASEK), and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK).
  • Corneal incision procedures are the oldest type of refractive eye surgery and have largely fallen out of favor. This type of procedure makes use of physical incisions in the eye in order to access and reshape the cornea. In newer versions, this is done through the use of incredibly small micro-incisions. Types of corneal incision include Radial Keratotomy (RK), Mini Asymmetric Radial Keratotomy (MARK) and Arcuate Keratotomy (AK).

There is no best refractive eye surgery. The preferred option will vary depending on the individual healthcare provider and the needs of the patient.

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Refractive eye surgery has helped many people improve their vision and decrease dependence on glasses and contacts. Are you interested in permanently improving your vision? Request more information now: call (847) 824-3127 or contact The Midwest Center for Sight online.

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