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Vitrectomy Surgery for Macular Pucker in Des Plaines, IL

Vitrectomy Surgery for Macular Pucker in Des Plaines, IL

Macular pucker is generally a condition associated with the aging process, which involves the shrinking or pulling away of vitreous gel from your eye. This in turn creates scar tissue and causes bulging on your macula. It's unusual for a macular pucker to cause you to need surgery. Most of the time, you can still perform daily activities such as driving, reading and being able to see fine details. Simply keeping your eyeglass prescription updated or wearing bifocals will allow you to continue your normal, daily activities. However, in more severe cases, the condition can improve through an eye surgery called vitrectomy surgery with membrane peel.

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Macular Pucker Diagnosis

In order to diagnose and assess the extent of your macular pucker, your healthcare provider will want to conduct a thorough eye exam that includes dilating your pupils to examine your retina. He or she may also choose to perform a test called fluorescein angiography, which involves using a dye that illuminates certain areas of your retina.

Another test that may be performed is an optical coherence tomography (OCT), which involves using a special camera that scans your retina. An OCT helps with detecting abnormalities in your retina that are too small to be seen upon a typical examination. It also detects retinal swelling and measures retinal thickness. If your vision worsens substantially from your macular pucker and affects your daily routine, your healthcare provider will likely recommend a vitrectomy surgery.

What to Expect During Vitrectomy Surgery

Vitrectomy surgery is done under local anesthesia in an operating room, and is an outpatient procedure. It involves the removal of your vitreous gel to prevent it from pulling on your retina. The gel is replaced with a type of salt solution. Your healthcare provider will then use microsurgical instruments to make three tiny incisions in your eye. This gives access to additional microsurgical instruments which will be needed to remove fluid, maintain proper eye pressure, remove any scar tissue that caused the puckering and provide enough light for the overall procedure. He or she may also choose to insert an air or gas bubble in your eye to aide in your body's natural healing process following the surgery. The bubble will also help to heal or seal any tears or holes. The surgery can take anywhere from one to several hours, depending on your situation.

Vitrectomy Recovery

Once your vitrectomy surgery is completed, the removal of the scar tissue will cause your macula to flatten and your vision to improve over time. Cloudy vision after vitrectomy surgery is fairly common and is only temporary. Though it's extremely rare for anyone's vision to be completely restored, up to half of the vision that you lost may be restored, and any distortion prior to the surgery remarkably reduced. During your vitrectomy surgery recovery process, your healthcare provider will likely prescribe medicated eye drops to help prevent infection or inflammation in the eye. Your healthcare provider will also likely recommend that you wear an eye patch for a few days or weeks as part of vitrectomy recovery to help protect your eye. If an air or gas bubble was used, some specific head positioning may also be necessary. It can take up to three months for your vision to fully recover.

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