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Eye Exams in Westfield, GA

Eye Exams in Westfield, GA

Eye health is something most people take for granted until something goes wrong. Struggling with blurry vision, astigmatism or other serious eye diseases is something no one should have to suffer through. Annual eye exams are one of the best tools for preventive eye health. These routine vision tests provide an optometrist or ophthalmologist with a clear indicator of a patient's ocular health.

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What is an Eye Exam?

An eye exam is shorthand for annual eye exam, routine eye exam, or vision test. It's a diagnostic test provided by optometrists and ophthalmologists that's designed to judge a patient's eye health. Eye exams can be used to detect many eye health conditions, including:

The list above represents just a small portion of the many eye health conditions that can be detected during an eye exam. Many providers recommend receiving an exam annually, although this varies depending on provider preference and the individual needs of the patient.

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

During an annual eye exam, an optometrist or ophthalmologist utilizes many different tools and tests. When getting ready for an eye exam, it's important to bring along current eyeglasses or contacts, if available. This will give the provider an accurate picture of your everyday vision.

Some of the most common eye exam tests include:

  • Eye muscle movement test: The provider asks the patient to follow a specific object, such as a light or pen, with their eyes. This test is done to ensure the eyes are aligned correctly and that there is no damage to each eye muscle.
  • Cover test: Here, the patient looks at an object first with both eyes, then with each eye individually. This determines whether or not the eyes are working well together, or if there's a vision problem in just one eye.
  • External exam: During this test, the doctor holds up a light to each eye close and at a distance in order to see how the pupils dilate.
  • Visual acuity test: This is also known as a chart test and is perhaps the most famous part of the eye exam. Here, the patient reads a letter chart at a distance. The letters on the chart get progressively smaller, providing a simple analysis of the patient's overall vision.
  • Retinoscopy: This test is done with a large machine known as a retinoscope, which cycles through various lenses. These lenses test the light refraction in each eye.
  • Refraction testing: This can also be performed using a retinoscope, and is often done to fine-tune a specific glasses or contacts prescription. This test cycles back and forth between two lenses to determine which is better for the patient.

These are just some of the many possible tests that can be performed during a routine eye exam. Tests for specific eye conditions such as glaucoma  may also be administered.

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